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On this page you will find all the information that you need in regards to our middle school band program.  We feel that the RJEMS Bands house some of the most important years in the band program because they are the future of the GR Band program!

Robert J. Elkington Middle School Bands

The 6th grade bands are taught by Mrs. Grotjohn.  6th grade band is a time to learn the basics on an instrument, learn about playing in an ensemble, perform at public concerts and HAVE FUN!   All 6th graders receive a weekly small-group lesson throughout the school year.  Home practice and weekly lessons are a big part of student success.  


The 8th grade band is led by Mr. Grotjohn. In 8th grade band, students are pushed to improve their technique and musicianship on their instruments in preparation for the high school band program.   The 8th grade band performs 3 yearly concerts, and also performs at the community Veteran's Day celebration. Students will have the opportunity to work with high school students throughout the year to prepare for the transition to high school band opportunities such as marching band. 

Mr. Myers & Mrs. Grotjohn conduct the 7th grade bands at RJEMS. In 7th grade band, students continue to reinforce the basic skills learned in 6th grade. Students learn more complex rhythms, and musical concepts.  Students also will expand their range on their instruments as well by learning new notes and becoming comfortable in the keys of Bb, Eb, Ab, F, and C major, as well as minor keys. We encourage students to use Smart Music for  assessments, either at home, or in the school practice room.   Students usually perform 3 evening concerts per school year. 

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