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Band is a year-long course; students are making a commitment to their own band experience as well as a commitment to their ensemble. Every student will have ups and downs, but sticking with things when the going gets tough builds a growth mind-set.  This is an important LIFE skill- GR band kids embrace challenge!
6th Grade Band teacher: Ms. Anissa Grotjohn,

What happens in 6th Grade Band?


6th Grade band is a time to explore and  learn to play an instrument. Students will strive to reach grade level benchmarks such as understanding basic rhythms, note reading, understanding good tone and technique on their instrument. Students receive a weekly small-group lesson where they progress at their own pace.

In band class, students work as a team to learn new music and perform at 3 concerts throughout the year. Students learn that they all have an important role to play in the success of the ensemble. Concerts are an exciting opportunity to share our growth with family and friends! 

2023-24 Concert Dates for 6th Grade Bands

All Concerts are at the Reif Center, Wilcox Theater

Fall Concerts:

Thursday, Nov. 2:   5th Hr. 6:30 pm       7th Hr. 7:30 pm 

Winter Concerts: 

Thursday, Feb. 8:   5th Hr. 7:30 pm       7th Hr. 6:30 pm

Spring Concerts: 

Tuesday, May 14:   5th Hr. 6:30 pm       7th Hr. 7:30 pm

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