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Band is a year-long course; students are making a commitment to their own band experience as well as a commitment to their ensemble. Every student will have ups and downs, but sticking with things when the going gets tough builds a growth mind-set.  This is an important LIFE skill- GR band kids embrace challenge!
2023-24 Concert Dates: 
Fall Concerts: Monday, Nov. 20: 1st Hour- 6:30 pm 3rd Hour- 7:30 pm
Winter Concerts: Tuesday, Feb. 13: 3rd Hour- 6:30 pm 1st hour- 7:30 pm
Spring Concerts: Monday, May 13: 1st Hour- 6:30 pm  3rd Hour- 7:30 pm

1st Hour Band- Mr. Myers

Beginning of the Year Handout: 

3rd Hour Band- Ms. Grotjohn

Click the link below for 3rd Hour Band syllabus: including concert dates, expectations, grading, etc

Need Supplies?  Reeds, valve oil, slide grease, books, etc?  Click on the link  below or email

Do you play a school-owned instrument? (Baritone, French Horn, Tuba, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Bari Sax)? Please pay your yearly usage fee: 
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